Bear canyon arroyo pedestrian Bridge

Client: Larkin Group

Owner: City of Albuquerque

Project Location: Albuquerque, NM

Construction Completion Date: 12/2012

Estimated Cost: $3,809,630

Photo by: Bill Delli's

Photo by: Bill Delli's

Project Description:

QPEC was a subconsultant for the conceptual, preliminary, final design and construction services of the new bicycle/pedestrian bridge over I-25 at Bear Canyon Arroyo. Several different options were analyzed considering aesthetics and economy. The bridge is 1,243 feet long and consists of straight and curved continuous slabs at the ramps and prestressed concrete I-girders spanning over I-25 and both frontage roads. The bridge also spans a hydraulic structure west of I-25 for which prestressed concrete box girders were used. 

The Bear Canyon Arroyo Pedestrian Bridge has been included in numerous publications and was the recipient of several awards including the  AIA Albuquerque Merit Award and the ENR 2013 Best Small Project.