Iraq Concrete DamIraq

Client: Earthtech, Inc. 

Design Completed: January 2004

  • Proposed 100’ tall gravity concrete dam with an 80’ tall spillway.

  • Performed a stability analysis of the overflow and non-overflow sections for various loading conditions.

Misicuni Multipurpose Irrigation ProjectChochabamba, Bolivia

Client: TAMS Consultants, Inc. 

Design Completed: 2003

  • Preparation of contract documents for a 240 MW power plant with a 360-foot high concrete face rock fill dam, two intake structures, a 24-mile tunnel with a maximum capacity of 175 cfs domestic water supply, and irrigation of 25 square miles.

  • Design of outlet works, intake structures, and outlet structures for the Misicuni Dam.

  • Stability analysis and design of anchor blocks for the Misicuni Penstock with a hydraulic head of 3300 feet.

Daule Peripa Hydroelectric Power Plant TunnelGuayaquil, Ecuador

Client: TAMS Consultants, Inc. 

Design Completed: April 1998

  • Site inspection and structural evaluation of fissures on the turbine draft tubes.

  • Preparation of report providing background information, probable causes for problems, and recommendations for remediation.

Carrizal-Chone Irrigation ChannelProvincia Malabi, Ecuador

Client: Post, Buckley International, Inc. 

Design Completed: March 1998

  • 15000 ha. Irrigation Project for the Carrizal and Chone valleys in Ecuador.

  • In charge of the structural design team and the preparation of contract documents.

  • Structural design of various hydraulic structures such as diversion structures, siphons, regulating structures, intake-outlet structures, spillways, and bridges.